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Huvudsta Dentist
Welcome to the Huvudsta dentist in Huvudsta center. Our goal is to take care of our patients with the greatest care and highest quality. It is gentle and healthy dental care in a calm and pleasant environment. Dentistry with care and concern for the whole family. We work to prevent and gives you a healthy smile. We perform fillings, crowns, bridges, implants, aesthetic and cosmetic dentistry quality. We offer treatment for dental fear.

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Huvudsta tandläkare
Storgatan 68

171 52 Solna                                Huvudsta Centrum


Tel: (+46) 8-705 00 39
Fax: (+46)8- 705 00 49                    Mob: (+46)70-438 13 72

Welcome to the Huvudsta dentist

Welcome to Dentist Dr. Mahdi alhusseiny (Ashraf) website. Here you can read about what we can help you with, our treatments and frequently asked questions relating to different forms of dental care. Please contact us for an appointment and welcome to us at the clinic.

Huvudsta dentists, we offer dental care of the highest quality.

Member of private dentists

Swedish Dental Association is the dental profession's organization and working on issues related to dentist's role in society. Issues such as dental education, training, after training, research, dental manpower and personnel structure, materials, products, methods, ethical issues, liability issues, patient safety, oral health and advocacy.



GDC | General Dental Council

What we do
We are the organization that regulates dentistry in the UK. All dentists, dental nurses, dental technicians, clinical dental technicians, dental hygienists, dental therapists and orthodontic therapists must be registered with us to work in the UK.

Our purpose is to protect the public by regulating the dental team. We do this by:
register qualified personnel,
fixing the dental practice and conduct,
ensure the quality of dental education,
ensure professionals keep up to date,
help patients with complaints of a dentist or dental care and
working to strengthen patient protection.

Member of private dentists

Private dentists is the trade association for private dental care. We are the only organization in Sweden that takes advantage of private dental interests. More than 93 percent of the country's dentist members. Of the country's 7700 professionals are 3200 dentists in private practices.

Operations closest members conducted in 26 local branches spread across the country. The core operations are conducted by the Swedish Private Dental Society and its service company Swedish Private Dental AB. The business is led by an executive secretary who works on behalf of the association board. The Stockholm office has 13 employees. Stockholm has a local office.

Unlike other health and social care is the private element is very large in dentistry. Of adult patients, more than 70 percent in metropolitan areas and more than half in rural areas to a dentist. Private dentists' members have caring responsibilities for 3.5 million patients.

Private dentists want a free market where competition in dental care on equal terms. We are for freedom of pricing and freedom of establishment. In addition, we believe that there should be a general national dental insurance. Our basic idea is that there should be a good protection against high dental expenses. The protection should be based on patients' dental needs, regardless of age.


The Wasa Loan AB

Wasa Credit provides financing services to businesses and individuals, mainly leases, rent and mortgage payments. We work through our partners in areas such as automotive, computing, leisure and machinery trade, both directly with our corporate clients. In addition, we provide loans and credit cards to individuals.

Our mission is to work quickly, easily and with a personal commitment to our customers. Therefore, we have a thorough concept of leasing, hire purchase, leasing and consumer credit. This means among other things, simple, clear procedures and rapid credit information.


Welcome to Huvudsta dentist

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